Last Night’s Dream #1

            I have always kept a dream journal, but recently decided to start a new series of posts here just for that purpose. I’d like to share because sometimes they can get pretty weird and my hope is that readers will be encouraged to share their own dreams in return. Or, someone’s comment might cause me to analyze something in a dream that I had previously overlooked. Given the topic, expect the posts in this series to be sporadic.

                   My eyes popped open in the middle of the night and I had the urge to climb out of bed and go outside. It was a warm, moonless night and I headed straight through the woods down to the river. When my feet struck sandy shores I slipped my skin as well as my clothes, and let everything fall into a heap on the bank. I glided into the water in my true form and I felt like I had done this a thousand times before. The night was so dark I couldn’t find my reflection in the water and when I would try to hold my hand up in front of my face I couldn’t see anything; although I could feel myself raising my arm. Deep in the back of my mind a small voice was freaking out because I could not see myself, but it was drowned out by a compulsion to look for something I needed or was missing, though I had no idea what it was. I continued to wade through the water reaching up under tree roots and diving below the surface to flip rocks-and then I woke up.


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Surviving Divorce Shenanigans

Everything gets worse before it gets better, or so I’m told-constantly. Then it gets worse still. One day, I find myself no longer being hopeful about anything and I stop looking for emotional support from anyone besides my dog. I quit trusting people or relying on anyone but myself because I absolutely cannot allow myself to be put in a situation where I might be let down for the umpteenth time. I swear off dating in general-and especially redheads.

had it cat

And then I meet a guy. We both like terrible movies and adventuring and I start hanging out with him all the time because I just genuinely enjoy his company and it’s great because there is no romance, no expectations, and everything is easy. So easy, that I finally let my guard down and he doesn’t even disappoint. Even my bitch catdog likes him, and she hates everyone. And then I have to call my sister and explain that I have fallen for a guy not long after I swore them all off, and he’s a redhead even.


What is this feeling? I can serve the public all day and see the absolute worst side of humanity and still not want to watch the world burn. I think I’m happy, but I’m afraid to admit it because then it might be taken away. Stupid superstitious, Appalachian roots.

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Out with the told, in with the true.


2016 was the end of twelve long years of being told who I am and how I feel. I should have never altered my behavior, my likes and dislikes, my diet, my hobbies, or anything at all, for someone else. Especially my significant other. Anyone deserving of being in my life should be happy with me just as I am, like my close friends and family are.

There were so many red flags, even when we were still dating, but I was seventeen and lacked the necessary relationship experience to realize how serious they were. I just thought everyone has issues and no relationship is perfect. I should just accept these problems and make the necessary changes to avoid arguing about them.

The problem was, I was the only one making changes. In the beginning, I could convince myself that this was my choice. After all, I didn’t want to argue all the time and this was the only solution, right? Not so much. I was unhappy all the time and began to resent my husband. The changes I was making weren’t things that would better me as a person. It wasn’t as though I was an alcoholic who needed to quit drinking, or a shopaholic who needed to quit spending. My changes were things that in the beginning seemed like not a big deal, but after a while were maddening. Nothing I did was what I wanted to be doing and nothing I wanted to be doing could be done without an argument. I had literally become a stranger in my own life and when I found ways to let myself out and be who I was, he found a way to put a stop to it.

The easiest way for me to let myself out was to hang out with family or friends. They encouraged me to be myself and, when I was the person he wanted me to be, all I got was friends and family asking me what was wrong. That quickly turned into me not going out with friends or family as much to avoid grief from him. When I started having friends over to our house instead, he was downright mean to them until no one would come over anymore. Everyone quit coming over and I stopped going out. Except for the gym. That was a matter of health and I was going. End of discussion. There was no way he could guilt me or manipulate into not taking care of myself. And, I could have friends at the gym with no drama.

In May of 2016 my pappaw died alone in a hospital bed in Texas. He had lived his life in such a way that no one could get close to him and eventually people quit trying until there was no one left, not even his own family. He had no one to blame but himself and I’m sure over the years he realized he was unhappy this way and those were probably the times he tried to reach out. I decided when pappaw died that I couldn’t keep living my life for someone else anymore. I was tired of being unhappy, I wanted my friends and family around, and I didn’t want to die alone and full of regret. That’s when I decided it was time to quit daydreaming about ending my marriage and actually do it.

I think being a child of divorce myself I prolonged my suffering because I’d rather see myself suffer the marriage than my kids suffer the divorce. But as the kids got older it became clear that they were suffering regardless because both parents were always unhappy. So, I filed for divorce in July of 2016 and I’m not divorced yet, but I am closer than I have ever been. The kids are adjusting well, all things considered, and I am being true to myself for the first time in my adult life. It’s all worth the wait to take back my name and my life.

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There are three kinds of laundry:

1. Clean.

2. Still clean.

3. Dirty.

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Things I Wish We Were Taught in School


On my way into work today the light came on in my car indicating that it was time for an oil change. This is something that I can do myself now, but I did not come out of high school knowing how to do so. However, I did come out of high school owning and driving a car, so I think it should take priority over the multiple hours lost to pep rallies and talent shows. In fact, here are a few more life lessons that would’ve been useful to have learned in school, whether on my behalf or someone else’s (looking at you mouth-breathers standing too close in grocery line) :

  • How to change a tire; or your oil.
  • How to do your taxes.
  • That the only people who should have credit cards are the people who don’t need them.
  • Growing and maintaining a vegetable garden.
  • Personal space: It exists, what it is, and how to use it.(I guess siblings were helpful sometimes).


I’m aware that not all schools are created equal. For example, I know there are some schools that have started letting students grow and tend gardens. Please share from your own personal experience other things you think would’ve been better learned in school; before you needed it.


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How to Buy for a Minimalist

  1. DO NOT.

We minimalists cringe at the thought of having to find a place for something new when we have already established a place for all of our current belongings. We often see things in stores that we think are ‘cute’ or ‘funny’ but unless it’s useful we will not buy it. In fact, every time someone gifts us an item we were not already planning to go buy ourselves, we die a little inside. If you are still reading, you obviously do not plan to heed number one. So, here are a few acceptable gifts; if you must:

2. Food. 


If it’s edible, I will likely keep it and eat it. And if you outdid yourself and made one of my favorites like peanut butter cookies, I might even wash and return your Tupperware.             Gift cards are also a good choice.

3. Clothing.


No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on gloves, hats, or socks,  but they are necessities (that seem to always go missing). I like to hike and my favorite socks are made of wool and $16 a pair. That is a gift I would certainly keep and appreciate.

4. Music.


Few things hit me right in the feels more than receiving a heartfelt mixtape. mix CD? Flash drive?? Playlist??? It’s all the same. Not sure what kind of music I like? It doesn’t matter. It could be songs from the soundtrack of that movie we saw together back in the summer. Songs with lyrics that are an inside joke between us. Or just songs that you like; and I will know you even better after listening to them. Or best of all: Tickets to go see a concert with me.

5. Movies.


Or more specifically: movie tickets. Who doesn’t like a night out at the movies? I may go months without going to the movies on my own dollar, but I always go within a few weeks of receiving movie tickets.

I hope this was helpful for minimalists and shopaholics alike!

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where’s scarecrow?

Why does Batman look so derpy on Arkham Knight??

As I sat on the couch reading last night I couldn’t help peeking over my book to watch my boyfriend (as Batman) creeping along a cable on twinkle toes, his cape fluttering behind him. The voice actor  didn’t do Batman’s voice justice and his shoulders were so out of proportion it was comical. The physical attributes I was seeing on the screen were meant for Batman, but what I saw in my mind’s eye was something more akin to:


Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible

This held my interest for a few minutes and then I resumed reading and slipped into a couch coma. A few hours later, I got up and moved my nest to the bedroom and fell right to sleep again. About 2:30 am I woke up to someone laughing loudly in the bed.

It was me.

I had been dreaming that I was watching a Batman musical. Of course it was the same scene I had watched in the video game earlier, but with a much more flamboyant Batman. He was singing in an over-the-top Batman voice of the Christian Bale variety and swinging around lampposts in Arkham. Sleeping me found this hysterical and I laughed loud enough to wake myself up. Conscious me felt amusement, a hot wave of embarrassment, and later a compulsion to share. You’re welcome.

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