Gatlinburg Wildfires


Last night I found out about several wildfires that had sprung up in Tennessee and North Carolina (and are spreading across the south) caused by high winds and downed power lines in an ongoing drought. Rain was on its way and expected to help douse the flames but had not made it there yet. The last I heard three resorts and over one hundred homes were damaged or lost to the fire as of this morning,  but luckily there had been no fatalities. School buses were helping to evacuate neighborhoods to a safe area and fire crews from other counties had joined in to help battle the blaze.

I can’t imagine losing your house, maybe the only home you have ever known, and all your belongings-in the cold of November. I’ve never heard of fires so destructive in that area before. I know the woods will come back stronger and healthier next year after the fire and I hope all the displaced families and businesses do as well.

On a personal level this situation feels so surreal even as a tourist just watching the live video. I got married and had my honeymoon in Gatlinburg in 2004. In 2016 I am going through divorce, living with my two kids in my parent’s house, trying to shake the life that I lived for twelve years and start anew. Now I turn on the television to watch the place where we were married engulfed in flames and can’t help but see synchronicity.


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