How to Buy for a Minimalist

  1. DO NOT.

We minimalists cringe at the thought of having to find a place for something new when we have already established a place for all of our current belongings. We often see things in stores that we think are ‘cute’ or ‘funny’ but unless it’s useful we will not buy it. In fact, every time someone gifts us an item we were not already planning to go buy ourselves, we die a little inside. If you are still reading, you obviously do not plan to heed number one. So, here are a few acceptable gifts; if you must:

2. Food. 


If it’s edible, I will likely keep it and eat it. And if you outdid yourself and made one of my favorites like peanut butter cookies, I might even wash and return your Tupperware.             Gift cards are also a good choice.

3. Clothing.


No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on gloves, hats, or socks,  but they are necessities (that seem to always go missing). I like to hike and my favorite socks are made of wool and $16 a pair. That is a gift I would certainly keep and appreciate.

4. Music.


Few things hit me right in the feels more than receiving a heartfelt mixtape. mix CD? Flash drive?? Playlist??? It’s all the same. Not sure what kind of music I like? It doesn’t matter. It could be songs from the soundtrack of that movie we saw together back in the summer. Songs with lyrics that are an inside joke between us. Or just songs that you like; and I will know you even better after listening to them. Or best of all: Tickets to go see a concert with me.

5. Movies.


Or more specifically: movie tickets. Who doesn’t like a night out at the movies? I may go months without going to the movies on my own dollar, but I always go within a few weeks of receiving movie tickets.

I hope this was helpful for minimalists and shopaholics alike!


About braingumballs

I like to travel and meet new people who can show me all the things I've been missing.
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2 Responses to How to Buy for a Minimalist

  1. I love to buy people food, especially indulgent food they’d never buy for themselves! (Maybe just because that’s one of my favorite things to receive 😉 ) I also buy alcohol for minimalist friends, who enjoy a drink or a two.


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