Things I Wish We Were Taught in School


On my way into work today the light came on in my car indicating that it was time for an oil change. This is something that I can do myself now, but I did not come out of high school knowing how to do so. However, I did come out of high school owning and driving a car, so I think it should take priority over the multiple hours lost to pep rallies and talent shows. In fact, here are a few more life lessons that would’ve been useful to have learned in school, whether on my behalf or someone else’s (looking at you mouth-breathers standing too close in grocery line) :

  • How to change a tire; or your oil.
  • How to do your taxes.
  • That the only people who should have credit cards are the people who don’t need them.
  • Growing and maintaining a vegetable garden.
  • Personal space: It exists, what it is, and how to use it.(I guess siblings were helpful sometimes).


I’m aware that not all schools are created equal. For example, I know there are some schools that have started letting students grow and tend gardens. Please share from your own personal experience other things you think would’ve been better learned in school; before you needed it.



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I like to travel and meet new people who can show me all the things I've been missing.
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