Surviving Divorce Shenanigans

Everything gets worse before it gets better, or so I’m told-constantly. Then it gets worse still. One day, I find myself no longer being hopeful about anything and I stop looking for emotional support from anyone besides my dog. I quit trusting people or relying on anyone but myself because I absolutely cannot allow myself to be put in a situation where I might be let down for the umpteenth time. I swear off dating in general-and especially redheads.

had it cat

And then I meet a guy. We both like terrible movies and adventuring and I start hanging out with him all the time because I just genuinely enjoy his company and it’s great because there is no romance, no expectations, and everything is easy. So easy, that I finally let my guard down and he doesn’t even disappoint. Even my bitch catdog likes him, and she hates everyone. And then I have to call my sister and explain that I have fallen for a guy not long after I swore them all off, and he’s a redhead even.


What is this feeling? I can serve the public all day and see the absolute worst side of humanity and still not want to watch the world burn. I think I’m happy, but I’m afraid to admit it because then it might be taken away. Stupid superstitious, Appalachian roots.


About braingumballs

I like to travel and meet new people who can show me all the things I've been missing.
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